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January 02, 2009


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yay! a BLOG and an ETSY and a peek at your painting?
*faints again*
*and applauds*

Lisa Hoffman

Hey Sweet Friend!

Welcome to the World of Blogging, better known as "Time-Suck Central". With your amazingly cool stuff/talent/life, you'll have Blog-fodder for a century! ...of course, I love the Grinch painting!....I'll be "seeing" you here often!
Happy New Year!....


yaaaay, keely, i'm so glad you decided to jump on the blog wagon...i've been thinking of you a lot and wondering how you've been - this will help keep me up to date. much love, nina


glad to see you here!!! looking forward to checking out all your latest creations, happy new year! LOVE the grinch painting!!!


Happy 2009 luvie!!


I love your BLOG! Happy New Year!! I will visit your blog often, keep it up :). Hugs Irina


Hi sister! Wow! What a cool blog that you have. I look forward to seeing everything "Keely" I love you sis!

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